• miniPower

    At present, used wind turbines regularly end up on the scrap yard, even though these turbines areĀ  just as effective in producing wind energy as new ones. miniPower finds this astounding waste and aim to allows these wind turbines to produce again.

    How do we go about this?

    Key are our partnerships with local license-holders in European countries with advantageous wind conditions and attractive feed-in tariffs. In these countries we put used turbines into production after inspection, whereby maintenance and availability are guaranteed. We presently have more than 20 projects in the funnel. An investment proposition is available for three of these projects that have been worked out in detail.

    Together these projects will yield an attractive return in the next 20 years.


  • Maarten von Winning

    Maarten von Winning

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    Michiel Wanninkhof

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