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At present, used wind turbines regularly end up on the scrap yard, even though these turbines are just as effective in producing wind energy as new ones. miniPower finds this an astounding waste and aim to allows these wind turbines to produce again.

Our target

We aim to develop 10 wind parks with an average capacity of 5 MW within 3 years with total estimated Capex of € 40Mio. We will realise these 50MW with used Vestas V-52 wind turbines, the ‘Volkswagen Golf’ among turbines.

Our product

The optimization of used turbines through continuous improvement of existing parts, with the advantages of higher availability and lower maintenance costs. For placement of used turbines we are focusing on Poland, Croatia, Greece and Turkey.

Business model

Collaboration with local partners in a joint venture and long-term contracts for delivery constitute the foundation of our business model. With a 20 year ‘Power Purchase Agreement’ and a guaranteed energy price of more than 10 euro cents per kilowatt-hour a return on investment of between 15-20% (IRR) can be yielded.

Michiel Wanninkhof

Michiel Wanninkhof is an experienced entrepreneur with a technical background (Master Delft University of Technology). He set up various companies, including Magna Carta. As CEO of Magna Carta he was dedicated to the development of sustainable products based on the QIS philosophy.

This simple yet effective method, which proved very applicable to the development of electronic and mechanical parts and products, should also be applicable when designing larger industrial production means. Maarten von Winning’s proposal to put this to practice with used wind turbines was therefore an attractive challenge to Michiel and the foundation of miniPower a logical next step. Michiel expects the combination of sustainable energy generated by sustainable production means to form the basis for a company that can serve both the general social and an economical interest.

Maarten von Winning

Maarten von Winning has been active as a self-employed entrepreneur since the 1980s. In 1990 he founded ‘Winning Productions’, a film production company that produced films, video clips and commercials for numerous companies. In 1993 he expanded his business with the multimedia publishing company ‘Cine-View Publishing’. Cine-View invested in the rights to television programmes, documentaries and sports programmes and then released these in the Benelux. In the past few years, Maarten has produced several corporate documentaries for companies in the sustainable energy sector. He developed a passion for this innovative field of business, which led to the idea to set up a company for the generation of clean energy based on the re-use of wind turbines. Maarten founded miniPower in 2012 together with Michiel Wanninkhof. They are working hard towards realizing international joint ventures through which they hope to generate clean energy with the help of nicely ‘warmed-up’ wind turbines.

How do we go about this?

Key are our partnerships with local license-holders in European countries with advantageous wind conditions and attractive feed-in tariffs. In these countries we put used turbines into production after inspection, whereby maintenance and availability are guaranteed. We presently have more than 20 projects in the funnel. An investment proposition is available for three of these projects that have been worked out in detail. Together these projects will yield an attractive return in the next 20 years.
A clean and reliable source of energy based on a profitable business model,
Even better sustainability based on the continues use of written off energy production systems,
The proof that sustainability can inspire towards new insights and creative solutions with available means.